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Morphology, metabolism, antibiotic resistance, and virtually all other microbial characteristics are determined by inherited information. This information is stored in macromolecules called nucleic acids that are passed on from generation to generation. In this module you will explore the microbial genome in detail by examining how it directs protein synthesis, how it is affected by mutation, and how it is transferred from one microbe to another. You will also explore mechanisms of genome regulation and take a very special look at viral genetics.
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Preface: Module Information
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Chapter 1: The Basics
The basic principles of microbial DNA, replication, transcription and translation.
Chapter 2: Gene Regulation
Microbial regulation of gene expression: the trp and lac operon.
Chapter 3: Mutation
Changes to the genome: how they happen and their effect.
Chapter 4: Gene Transfer
Genetic change: transformation, transduction, conjugation, plasmids, transposons.
Chapter 5: Viral Genetics
Reproductive cycles of bacteriophage T4 and lambda.

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