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Academic Links:

Al Roth's (the George Gund Professor of Economics and Business Administration at Harvard University) game theory and experimental economics page which contains an excellent overview of the topic, with numerous links to other on-line sources written by Al Roth.

Written by Paul Walker (University of Canterbury, New Zealand), this annotated chronology of Game Theory ranges from the sixteenth century to 1994.  This is a good starting point for understanding the history of the discipline which includes references and seminal works in the field.

This web site, focused primarily on Combinatory games, was written by Jeff Erickson, (Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign). This site includes links to game theory and game theorist sites, games either described or available online and Other Math Fun.

This is the homepage for The Centre for Evolving Moral Ecologies at the Centre for Applied Ethics at the University of British Columbia. This site contains an extensive web page listing recommending reading, with a few online articles also available. There are also links to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (online) and the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

SonderForschungsBereich 504 is an interdisciplinary research group based at the University of Mannheim, Germany. With many advanced articles available online, one of the other features of the site is a glossary of terms:

Game Theory & Economics

This is a popular website on Economic and Game Theory by David Levine of the Department of Economics at UCLA. It contains some general background information, online essays by the author ranging from general interest to very technical papers. Links are organized by categories including: artificial life, computer modeling of social interaction and ethics. The page What is Game Theory can be accessed at this address:

A website prepared by Roger Ashton McCain (Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pa) largely concerned with economics, there are also many references to game theory, including this introductory sketch: and a discussion of zero-sum games This site also includes the hypermedia text: Essential Principles of Economics, a thirty-one chapter text. The table of contents is available at:

An interesting website called Uncertainty, Information and Games produced by Goncalo Fonseca and Leanne Ussher, two graduate students in economics. While the site is incomplete there are several interesting features including: a survey of game theory ( several online essays (, a mathematical appendix ( and summaries of several schools of thought in political theory (

The International Journal of Game Theory, edited by Sylvain Sorin. A subscription is required for full admission to the site, however a sample copy of the journal is available free of charge. Abstracts are available for all articles but a subscription is needed for access to the full text versions.

Game Theory & Biology

A web site created by Kenneth Prestwich (Professor at College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA) with comprehensive coverage of the relationships between game theory and biology. This site contains several computer simulations which illustrate the lessons and theories discussed. This site also includes a glossary of key terms:


An academic society devoted to the study and implementation of game theory in numerous diverse fields. Founded in 1999, the society has 180 charter members and a six member advisory board which includes several Nobel Prize winners.

The homepage for the Seville Game Theory Group, led by Jesus Mario Bilbao Arrese, Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Seville in Spain. Some documents are in Spanish but there are several interesting resources including several unique links

A fascinating site with everything from lecture notes for college and university classes related to game theory, reviews of text books, online games and simulations and an online dictionary:

Serendipity is a loosely organized group of interdisciplinary researchers and thinkers interested in the interactions in life. While not strictly about game theory there are several interesting parallels and other resources to explore.

Online Dictionaries and Reference Materials:

An online meta-search engine for several reference books including: The Columbia Encyclopedia, The Encyclopedia of World History, The Columbia Gazetteer of North America and The World Factbook. The citation for game theory is found at:

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. The citation for game theory can be found at:

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Citations for articles can be found by searching for game theory on this homepage.

Online databases and article repositories:

The Web site for the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley, California contains several academic online publications. The publication index is

Sponsored by The University of Connecticut, Department of Economics, this site features articles and working papers on economics.

Provided by the Washington University, Department of Economics, this repository of economics articles includes many topic areas including games theory:

ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center), funded by the U.S Department of Education, provides among other things an online thesaurus ( and catalogues and access to numerous articles on many subjects, including over five hundred hits for game theory.

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