Publications in Refereed Journals

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Publications in Refereed Collections

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Commissioned Publications


Book Reviews

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Conference Papers

  • "So Where the Bloody Hell are You? Research Opportunities in Australian Cultural Studies." Modern Languages Association, Philadelphia, PA, 28 December 2006.
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  • "Containing Nationalism: Neo-Colonial Gestures in Margaret Laurence's This Side Jordan." The 6th International Literature of Region and Nation Conference at St. John, N.B., August 1996.


Works in Progress

  • "Old Battle, New Age: Dumbartung and the Mutant Message Affair." A book exploring the successful protest campaign launched by the Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation. Under Consideration.
  • "Writing Western Australia: Interviews with Contemporary Western Australian Writers." Preliminary stages.


Public and Guest Lectures

  • “Slum Voyeurism and the Art of Blindness.” Symposium on Slums, Global Poverty and Human Rights, Acadia University, 10 November 2004.
  • "Rachel Perkin's Radiance." Guest lecture for Australian Studies 100: An Introduction to the Representations and Experiences of Australian Society. Course Coordinator Dr Andrea Gaynor. University of Western Australia. 6 April 2004.
  • "An introduction to India." Guest lecture for Political Science . Course Instructor Dr Susan Franceschet. Acadia University, January 2003.
  • "Fame and Fraud Down Under: The Case of The Mutant Message." Public lecture and discussion delivered as part of the Department of English's Lunch and Letters series, 17 January 2002.
  • "Language in A Particular Class of Woman." Leader of a public discussion on language issues for a production by Acadia Drama students. November 2000.
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