Citizenship and the Environment Course Description

This intedisciplinary couse is taught under the Humanities HyperMedia Centre, an Acadia University project that is under the guidance of Dr. Richard Cunningham. It is the core course of a HyperMedia Humanities minor that is offered at Acadia University.

The primary focus of this core course is to introduce students to the use of hypermedia as an educational tool. The course will start with simple concepts in hypermedia and advance to the more complex; students will work from Microsoft Office applications to web, video and animation throughout the course. This examination of the use of hypermedia in academia will be facilitated through the study of a given topic that will alternate yearly based on the faculty participating; the topic for the 2005-2006 year is Citizenship and the Environment.

This is a team taught course; four professors will each teach a section of the course from the perspective of their particular discipline and based on their interests in hypermedia. Each faculty member is also supported by library faculty as well as the AITT.