English 2273

Sixteenth-century Literature

Richard Cunningham
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The Ptolemaic Cosmos as represented on
Sig. A8r of the 1584 edition of The Arte of Navigation

Erin Patterson
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TA: Abby Whidden
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Course Text:
The New Oxford Book of Sixteenth-Century Verse.  Ed. Emrys Jones.  Oxford: Oxford UP, 2002.

Course Description:
In this course students will read widely across the spectrum of sixteenth-century English poetry, experiencing the work of a wide variety of poets who wrote in a variety of genres.  Students will be required to pick a single poem early in the term and to produce a hypertextual edition of that poem as the course progresses.  Students will also be required to submit a project that takes advantage of a full range of hypermedia.

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Course Outcomes
In addition to intimate familiarity with an individual poem and the poet who composed it, students can expect to gain a passing familiarity with English history of the sixteenth century, especially literary history, and with the history of printing and the book in the period.  Students can also expect instruction in issues of copyright, evaluation, metadata, citation style, and information retrieval.

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