Minitab for Windows Tutorial
Dr. Paul Cabilio, Dr. Patrick Farrell

Minitab is a statistical software package that has a wide range of basic and advanced data analysis capabilities. It is user friendly and easy to access from Windows. The following tutorial gives you step by step instructions that show you how to perform basic functions in Minitab. Along with these instructions, you will have the option to preview the performance of these functions by your instructor via a movie.
To view the movie, click on the icon associated with the instruction.
In order to view a video you will need to configure Netscape so that it knows how to handle screencam movies. Follow these instructions to re-configure your computer.

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Accessing Minitab
Once you have logged on and are in windows, to start any application just double-click it, so to start Minitab, just double-click the Minitab icon.
If you are using a notebook computer and you don't have Minitab installed already, follow these instructions.
When you start Minitab, three windows will open. One is the Data Window. This looks like a spreadsheet and can be used to enter and edit data. Below it is the Session Window, which is where Minitab commands can be entered and dealt with. Finally, below that is the actual Minitab Window, which is really just an open group containing the other Windows and Icons.
The Session Window
The Session Window is where your output appears. The statistical procedures available on Minitab may be implemented by typing in the appropriate commands in the Session Window. Alternatively you may use the mouse to implement these procedures.
Minitab Tutorial
Movie Instructions
Part A. Opening Minitab
Part B. Entering Data
Part C. Saving and Retieving your Data
Part D. Basic Commands
Part E. Arithmetic (The LET Command)
Part F. Character Graphs
Part G. True Graphics
Part H. Pasting into Word
Part I. Exiting Minitab