Music 2273 Introduction to The Study of Music History and Literature

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Online Worksheets (Autumn 2005)

Meeting Times, Autumn or Winter Term: Arranged with individual students.

Final Examination, December 2006
The final examination must be
completed and submitted no
later than
19 December 2006.
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Course Content:

This course is an introduction to the study of music history. It is not a course about any particular time or period style of history, nor is it a chronological survey of music history, although this is discussed; rather it is about music history. Various aspects concerning the study of music history will be examined.

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I. Methodology:

  1. Use of the library; basic reference materials; The Music Index, RILM Abstracts of Music Literature [click on "R", then scroll down; access only from on-campus networks]; Grove Music Online [access only from on-campus networks], etc.;
  2. Research methods;
  3. Papers and Internet Research Projects: basic methods, approach, design, format, technical and stylistic features, documentation (footnotes, end notes, bibliography);
  4. Sources: Primary and Secondary; types, locating, evaluation.

II. Style Analysis: An introduction to methods of studying musical works within their historical context.

Course Procedure:

As much as possible, the content of Music 2273 is designed to have students do rather than just listen. Much of the material is be presented in the form of Worksheets and other practical exercises, as well as in-class discussion.




Worksheets, Assignments, and Quizzes:35%
WWW Project (and/or Term Paper):25%
Final Examination:40%

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Term Projects:

Use of Technology:

In Music 2273 students will need to use online Internet resources for the following:
  1. To access information concerning Music History on the Internet. This is best accomplished by using links available as part of the Acadia Early Music Resources site.
  2. Extensive use will be made of online Music reference resources, especially Grove Music Online, RILM Abstracts of Music Literature access via Library [click on "R", then scroll down], and Iter access via Library [click on "I", then scroll down].
  3. To complete and set up their Term Projects.
  4. To access and (normally) to complete the Music 2273 Worksheets.

Textbooks (required):

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