Music Library Research Methodology Worksheets (Intermediate level), Autumn 2005

Gordon J. Callon
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Note: Some of these Worksheets are those of Autumn 2003 with only links updated.

These Worksheets are provided as Electronic Forms. Unfortunately, the server originally established to receive these forms is no longer available.

The Worksheets should be printed and submitted on paper or the answers sould be saved and sent as an email attachment.

It usually is useful to open a second window in your browser so the Worksheet is in one window and the WWW sites or materials used in completing the Worksheet are in the other window.

To avoid loss of content, users may find it prudent to complete the answers in a text editor and then, once answers are complete, paste these into the forms at the time they wish to submit the form. This is wise as savng the HTML form of each Worksheet does not save the answers entered into the form.

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Worksheet 1. The Internet 1: E-Mail Lists
Worksheet 2. The Internet 2: The World Wide Web (WWW)
Worksheet 3. Sources (1): Primary and Secondary Sources, Facsimiles and Editions (Revised 19 August 2005)
Worksheet 4. Sources (2): Musical Sources
Worksheet 5. Sources (3): General Descriptions, Iconography
Worksheet 6. Sources (4): Treatises, Documents
Worksheet 7. Dictionaries, Encyclopaedia, and other Reference Books, Specialty Reference Books 1
Worksheet 8. Dictionaries, Encyclopaedia, and other Reference Books, Specialty Reference Books 2
Worksheet 9. RISM: Répertoire International des Sources Musicales (International Inventory of Musical Sources / Internationales Quellenlexikon der Musik)
Worksheet 10. Collected Editions; Historical Sets & Series; etc.

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