Integral Serialism Links

Integral Serialists
Information on influencial composers using the method of integral serialism.
Tone Row Music and Serialism
A short definition of integral (or total) serialism. Some points about integral serialism taken from an article by Stockhausen.
Karlheinz Stockhausen
A brief biography of Karlheinz Stockhausen and his works.
Pierre Boulez
A short biography discussing Pierre Boulez and his music.
Oliver Messiaen
A short biography and listing of works by Messiaen.
Milton Babbitt
A biography of Milton Babbitt.
Integral Serialism and the Rise of the International Avant-garde
Influencial composers in the movement towards integral serialism.
Uses of Integral Serialism in Early Electronic Compositions
Music, Politics and the Future
An interesting article but only a short mention of integral serialism.
An Essay on Patterns in Musical Composition
General informations on compositional techniques; including integral serialism.
The Serial System of Composition
A great deal of information on serial techniques (including those of integral serialism). It also includes a number of quotation by various composers using the techniques.