This site is a compilation of  resources developed by the Acadia Institute for Teaching and Technology and the User Support Center.


- Faculty do not have to teach technical skills in the classroom

- Students have the ability to learn new technology skills on their own time

- Students are able to learn the skills that are required in order to complete things such as assignments or term projects which include the use of technology.

What others are doing:

Office: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook

Web Tools: ACME, Web Pages, Survey System, Plato

Teaching and Learning

Workshops: Advanced Web pages & CSSBalanced Course
Dynamic ClassroomsFeedbackGood Teaching Practice
Interactivity with PowerPointLearning Styles
Managing the Electronic ClassroomPeer ReviewVideo
Web Page BasicsAcadia WikisPersonalitiesFirst Week 

Survey: Teaching & Learning

Software Learning Objects

ACME: Course, Testing, Notes, Gradebook, Discussion

Audio: Audacity

Concept Maps: Inspiration

Excel: Analyze Data, Worksheets, Graphs, VBA Boxes, Gradesheet.xls

Files: Organizing, Backup, Find Files, Explorer

FrontPage: Web Basics, Text & Graphics, Video & Sound, Navigation, Advanced Web

Graphics: Image Types, Obtain Images, Modify Images, Photoshop

Network: Plato

PowerPoint: Design, Images, Text, Animation, Presenting, Jeopardy

Surveys: Create, Take Survey, Survey Results

Video: Premiere, Avid Cinema

Word: Styles, Sections, Email Marks


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